Future Works

Writing projects in the pipeline, in order of priority:

  • The Missionary, the Cannibal and the King:  It is 1820 and the Ngapuhi chiefs, Hongi Hika and Waikato, journey to England in company with the Christian missionary, Thomas Kendall.  As far as the London Missionary Society is concerned, the indigenous New Zealanders are there to assist with the writing of a Maori-English dictionary at Cambridge however the tattooed chiefs become a social sensation, feted by the very height of London society including the king.  But Hongi Hika has a secret, deadly agenda that he will use any means to pursue.  This is a major project, further delayed by my return to a "day job" so I'm expecting completion sometime around the end of 2021.  However, a draft copy of Chapter 1 and 2 is now available if you would like to read it click here.  
  • The Stone Truth: Still getting over a serious relationship bust-up, Chris just wants to surf and ride motorbikes.  One day though, he trespasses on Maori tribal land in search of a secret surf break, triggering a succession of incidents that lead him to uncover a secret so big it will eventually put his life at risk and threaten the very foundations of his country. 
  • Ravian's Spawn (The Fourth Chronicle of Tarcus): Prince Aranu, son of Ravian, goes to the Oracle on Mount Perios, only to receive a foretelling so dire that he immediately exiles himself to Ezreen.  His sister, Princess Lusia, is devastated by his disappearance but, with rumours of unrest in the North yet again, her first duty is to the Kingdom of Tarcus. It's looking like I might have this published sometime in 2019.
  • The Pyramid Trail:  Dave Lawrence is a Gulf War vet and founder of a successful security company in New Zealand.  When his marriage fails, he sells up, gives his ex-wife her half and sails away into the Pacific on his 40-foot ketch.  After providing free berths “with benefits” for a succession of young, female travelers, he winds up in Easter Island where he meets beautiful British anthropologist Samantha, who is on the trail of a great treasure.  She persuades Dave to help her follow an ancient ocean trail westwards, the pre-European history of the islands coming alive as they go.  They are not alone though – each leg of their journey is shadowed by a yacht skippered by a mysterious South African.
          This story is both sequel and prequel to 'Taonga'.

If you have any comments, feel free to let me know your thoughts.