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My Books:

Taonga is a modern-day adventure story set against the background of New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands.
Action, romance, crime, scuba diving...and an intriguing anthropological twist.

"A well written package, this book is a no brainer.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to all" 

"A rollicking good yarn that would appeal to all adventure seekers"

The Sword in the Sea is the first volume in the Chronicles of Tarcus.

It is a fantasy novel set in a mythical, Bronze Age, island kingdom and introduces us to Prince Ravian, the main character and second in line to the throne.

"This little book had me hooked from the get go. Strong characters and an interesting storyline leave me begging for more"


 Ravian's Quest is the second volume in the Chronicles of Tarcus.
Peace reigns over the island kingdom of Tarcus but King Jeniel has a new duty for Prince Ravian.  Presented with a list of prospective royal brides, Ravian, in company with the flamboyant Citizen Lectus, is thereby dispatched to new adventures to the far shores of the Sapphire Sea and beyond.

"This was a fantastic second installment of the chronicles of Tarcus. Can't wait to read the next one"

The forces of war are, once again, gathering in the North and a desperate King Jeniel recalls Prince Ravian and his family from their self-imposed exile in a remote corner of Tarcus.  

Reluctantly, Ravian returns to the White City to find its forces woefully unready for the coming conflict.   Enemies are everywhere about the prince and he has to learn to fight his political battles as well as he fights those with his sword. He also chances upon fresh clues to the mystery surrounding the Battle of the South Gate.
Will he finally be able to put his suspicions to rest?

Hammer Gunn is the epitome of the drug-taking, groupie-shagging, hotel room-trashing, outlaw rocker but, in the middle of a fateful stadium concert, he has the rare misfortune to be struck by lightning. Unable to play anymore, suffering significant memory loss and financially destitute, he returns to his small, coastal home town in to recuperate. Even as he begins to rediscover the pleasures of a simple life however, visitors from his previous, rock star existence begin to come calling and everybody, it seems, is packing an agenda...
  "This is a great story and I did not want it to end . I will definitely read more Jerry Carpenter"

Future Projects:

I have a number of future writing projects planned.  You are most welcome to have a look and make a comment on what you like the look of and what you might like to see prioritised.

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Maps for The Chronicles of Tarcus:

I've struggled to get a decent image quality in my uploads of this book series.

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And now, for anyone who has made it all the way to the bottom of the page, a special treat.  If you click on the link below, you will be taken to the first chapter of my new project, The Missionary, the Cannibal and the King.  My apologies for the close-coupled reformatting that has resulted  from my copy and paste.  Still, you might find it interesting...